Our Biography


In 2011 Luca Gagnoni (music composer and lyricist) founds the ASTRAL DOMINE project, to create the music he always wished, hoping to bring a peaceful message through his music.

After careful consideration offers to Davide Di Patrizio to join the project and he accepts as drummer.

Shortly after Luca comes into contact with his friend, Yeshan Gunawardana and found that he is a competent keyboardist for Astral Domine.

After a lot of hearings, the band decides to entrust the vocals recording to the great Marco Scorletti, vocal teacher and amazing vocalist/frontman.

Then Mirko Margiotti joined Astral Domine band as a bass player.

Shortly Francesco Delogu join the band as Rhythm Guitar player.

Astral Domine have signed a record deal with Bakerteam Records for the worldwide release, 21-01-2014, of their first album "Arcanum Gloriae" which contains 2 special featurings : FABIO LIONE (RHAPSODY OF FIRE) & GIUSEPPE "CIAPE" CIALONE (ROSAE CRUCIS) mixed and mastered by Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth, ex Vision Divine, Chaos Venure, Shadows of Steel).

The band had a friendly split with Mirko Margiotti for several reasons and Adriano Ricci becomes the new bass player of Astral Domine.

After, the band joined Rockshots Music Management's Network to make the "Arcanum Gloriae Tour" come true!



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